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I have a subscription and I get more string aside France24 that I can see. What should I do !
Reply : If you receive France24 and not other channels, look on blue panel (blue button on your remote control) if you have CCcam 2.1.4 or 2.0.11 It is possible that your internet connection, a network made control over your Dreambox. Check the date of your subscription.
I have 2 Dreambox and would like to use my subscription on 2 DM500s.
Reply: No, you can not use one subscription on two different devices. If you use 2 different devices with one subscription, we will see on our servers and your account will be suspended without refund.
I would take a subscription with you, what do I have to enjoy my subscription.
an Internet subscription (any) - a parable - Ethernet cable to connect the Dreambox on internet - a Dreambox or another receiver of the same type (Linux and Ethernet jack + CCcam emulator) - CCcam and your subscription.
Do I have to make an adjustment when I get my Dreambox?
reply: is the setting of your Dreambox with the subscription, it only remains for you what did connect your Dreambox and watched your favorite channels.
reply: Sometimes that happens, you must re-flashed with your Dreambox Gemini image provided by and ask the CCcam file installed in your receiver.
I have a free Ethernet port demodulator is compatible with your servers?
reply: For compatibility with CCcam subscriptions, your receiver must have Linux and an Ethernet port (Dreambox, ITGATE, etc ...). If it does not, your receiver will not work with our servers.
We can connect remotely via teamviewer software and intervene on the Dreambox for free
No, it is strictly forbidden to use a C-line on more than one receiver. (Under penalty of being banned from the server).
CCcam.cfg = CCcam config (the file that contains the information needed to connect to our server
CCcam.prio = is a property file used to accelerate the zapping and improve response time


Place your order directly on our website by filling in the appropriate form, pay your bill after checking your email or entered into account at E-servers for your information line.
Yes your subscription E-Servers purchases are always without risk. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us within 48 heurs of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your money.
Your subscription will be issued within a maximum period of 6 hours after receiving your payment
Accepte PayPal or credit card. If you must use another method of payment, please contact us.
Accepte PayPal or credit card. If you must use another method of payment, please contact us.
When a discount on the product we put announcement.
Other services that we offer: IPTV - VOD (VIDEO ON DEMOND)
No worries! In case your current subscription is valid until 22nd of Februray and you make a new payment for one moth on 15th February, the subscription is valid until 22nd of March. You loose no days with us.